Top Customer Service Performance Review Phrases (2022)

Supervisors can give valuable input to their employees during the employee assessment process, especially during performance reviews. Knowing what to write can help each side complete the task more comprehensively, efficiently, and timely. Here are customer service performance review phrases to use when conducting an employee evaluation.

performance review phrases customer service

What Are Employee Evaluations, and Why Are They Important?

Employee evaluations are performance appraisals used by employees to provide feedback to coworkers and management. These evaluations look at an employee's work ethic and productivity and set clear professional growth goals. Receiving constant feedback can also help an individual stay committed to their career.

Employee Evaluation Phrases Examples

The following is a list of terms you may use in an employee review, organized by category:

  • Collaboration and assistance
  • Competence and obligation
  • Attitude and demeanor
  • Flexibility, efficiency, and quality of work
  • Interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Attendance
  • Customer service is important.
  • Dependability
  • Leadership

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Extremely Satisfactory Customer Service Performance Review Phrases

John goes above and beyond what our consumers want, ensuring that they are satisfied with our products and services.

Jan can manage many more customer service queries than we estimate our customer care personnel to handle, resulting in increased productivity.

Joe is continually thinking of new methods to assist consumers, even if the request is unusual or something he isn't prepared to handle.

When Jennifer's task is over, and others want assistance, she always goes above and above to assist them.

Erin conducts customer satisfaction surveys regularly. She understands customer complaints and works toward resolving them quickly.

Even when he's not on the phone, Jack always finds a way to assist clients. He is continuously on the lookout for ways to go above and beyond.

When his performance needs to be improved, Steve is very personable and open to feedback. He always puts the modifications into action immediately soon.

Brian can manage customer expectations on a very satisfactory level. This ability shows his customer service skills.

Michael can deal with even the most challenging customers; he always finds answers, and if he can't, he seeks assistance.

Greg consistently meets deadlines and assists clients as quickly as possible. Because of his efficiency, he gets frequently requested by consumers.

Susie is an excellent communicator in person. She can communicate with even the most difficult of customers, putting them at ease immediately away.

Aaron can handle difficult customers by relating to them. He can develop creative solutions to solve the short-term and long-term issues. This shows his outstanding customer service skills.

Anthony is a master of written communication. With his remarks, he can put any consumer at ease.

performance review phrases customer service

Harry has a high degree of empathy, which helps him connect with consumers on a deeper level, making them feel valued rather than simply a number.

Heather is dedicated to her work. She serves each customer with the highest care and goes to great lengths to ensure their satisfaction.

Carrie is always professional while dealing with clients, even when they are challenging to work with.

Paul has saintly patience and can deal with even the most demanding customers. He always has the answers they need, and if he doesn't, he works quickly to find out what they need to know.

Alex is a team player who works well with others. He is concerned about the company's bottom line, which gets shown in his customer service level.

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Performance Review Phrases for Customer Service That Exceeds Expectations

Adam is dedicated to exceeding each client's expectations.

Ben works tirelessly to ensure that each customer gets what they require. He begs for aid if he doesn't know how to supply it.

Sue is constantly reaching out to her teammates to see if she can assist them in any way.

When interacting with clients, Gary always has a positive approach. When he receives a difficult call, he never displays his irritation or that he is suffering.

Aaron needs assistance handling demanding customers. She leans on her other customer service team members too much.

Scott consistently pays attention to the minor details, making consumers feel cared for and understood, which boosts the company's bottom line.

Keith has a reputation for keeping his commitments to consumers. He always asks before turning away a customer if he can't keep a promise or if he doesn't understand anything.

Abby has an uncanny ability to sense what a consumer requires, often even before expressing it verbally.

Brian loves to work on new and innovative solutions to customer issues. He provides good customer service and resolves customer requests in a timely manner.

Ashley communicates well with consumers, assisting them in expressing themselves even when they have difficulty expressing what they want.

performance review phrases customer service

Benji has a positive attitude that shines through his interactions with his customers.

Jason can always engage with consumers on a deeper level than anybody else. He has a natural ability to read people and their needs.

Pat is always composed, even while under duress. He keeps his worry hidden from his consumers.

Rick is always willing to go above and above for his customers. He has an uncanny ability to predict what would make a consumer happy.

Randy is constantly curious about what further he can do for a client. He not only accomplishes his work, but he goes above and above.

Jen struggles to accept constructive feedback from her other team members. She needs to take timely feedback to continue her professional development.

Jake always makes sure that a customer is completely satisfied, even if they are a demanding client to please.

Maddie never takes a one-size-fits-all approach to consumers, preferring to treat them as individuals.

Satisfactory Performance Review Phrases for Customer Service

Before interjecting, Evie carefully listens to her clients' requirements. Before she moves forward, she assesses what people require.

Before coming up with a solution, Kim always thinks about the consumer's demands.

Sara always explains the customer's alternatives before coming up with a solution.

Before recommending a solution, Kari always asks the right questions.

Before going over the possibilities, Ken gets to know the consumer and their needs.

When Steve is unsure how to handle a specific consumer, he always seeks assistance, especially when severe issues.

Ann has a natural ability to calm down irritated consumers and return them to a state of satisfaction.

Mandy always handles her customers with politeness and respect.

Instead of imposing a solution on consumers, Mark constantly asks what they want to see from the problem.

Josh hates it when a consumer is dissatisfied. He puts forth a lot of effort to ensure that every customer is satisfied with his service.

Wanda is a good communicator with consumers, both in writing and in person.

Teresa takes the time to learn about the customer's issue before offering a solution.

Even though there are a lot of complaints, Amanda is always on time and ready to help consumers.

Larry is concerned about the company's bottom line, as seen by his excellent customer service.

Lance is always eager to work and to assist clients with their problems.

Phrases for When Customer Service Needs to Get Improved

Ron needs to improve his customer service delivery. He might come across as arrogant at times.

Rick is late for work, and when he does arrive, he appears irritated or rushed with his customers.

Cathy only considers the large picture, almost on a one-size-fits-all level rather than a case-by-case basis.

Carmen must concentrate on the current consumer. When no two clients have the exact wants, she involves other consumers in the solution.

Julie's productivity gets slowed by her tendency to wander off-topic with clients.

When Jim finishes his work, he doesn't check to see whether other team members require assistance.

With his clientele, Harry isn't formal enough. He sounds almost like he's speaking to a buddy rather than consumers.

Hank does not take into account the specific requirements of each consumer. He'd rather have a one-size-fits-all answer to all customers, which doesn't work.

Mike does not appear to be adaptable enough to assist most consumers.

When Pat talks to consumers, especially challenging clients, he doesn't sound very nice.

Jan's voice has an affronted tone as if she doesn't want to be at work.

When Dave speaks with the consumer, he is irritable. It's almost as if he's trying to get them off the phone as quickly as possible.

Callie is clueless when it comes to dealing with problematic customers. She becomes irritated and unsure of what to do.

Jack isn't familiar enough with the company's products and services to deliver effective customer service.

Aiden has a habit of arguing with clients, which is terrible for customer retention.

Unsatisfactory Work Phrases for Customer Service

Vickie brings her issues to work, which shows in her client communication. It's far from adequate.

Victor is having trouble leaving his home life behind. He arrives late to work and gets into arguments with clients.

Rob has been discovered introducing clients to other firms since he has no idea what the company offers.

Don is just concerned with his clients and does not consider who he might be able to assist in his spare time.

Joe is a proven team player. However, Joe struggles to keep a loyal customer base. He needs to follow the company's attendance policy and resolve the poor attitude he is bringing with him to the team environment.

Jack only goes above and beyond to assist clients, never going above and beyond.

Janie needs to constantly seek assistance since she never knows how to handle a customer independently.

Jim doesn't like his work, and it shows in his customer service.

Customers have complained about Julia's performance more than five times.

Gary isn't working quickly enough. With consumers, he is friendly, yet he goes too slowly.

Lauren has a habit of criticizing consumers, which is detrimental to the company's reputation.

Luke will not listen to a customer's complaint. He's looking for a one-size-fits-all answer.

Dan consistently fails to meet the dates he promised his clients, causing the firm to suffer.

Alexa doesn't spend time figuring out what a customer requires; instead, she jumps right into a solution.

Laurie's disorganization is evident in her interactions with her clients.

Justin can't seem to get his act together. He forgets phone calls and deadlines, and he has no idea how to organize his priorities.

These phrases and words can get used to assist your staff in understanding where they stand. The terms not only assist workers in understanding how they function, but they also assist you in determining where your firm needs to improve when employees and businesses collaborate on the bottom-line benefits.

Performance Review Comments to Avoid

Managers and workers both struggle with performance appraisals. Employees frequently see performance evaluations as negative experiences or even personal attacks rather than the learning experience that they are intended to be. Take the time to write the assessment professionally and informally to make the performance review process run more efficiently. Avoid emotionally charged or unspecific terms that can make learning from the report difficult.

Unprofessional Terminology

Leave the inappropriate language, such as "way to go" and "nice work," for the casual discussions in the hall, whether you're providing a favorable or adverse assessment. Instead, concentrate on writing in a professional tone throughout your report. "The employee displayed an excellent mastery of the responsibilities mentioned in her job description," for example, instead of saying "nice job." If you're giving a poor review, don't state stuff like, "The employee doesn't know how to do his job," if you're giving a poor review. Instead, say that he "did not demonstrate adequate competence."

Terms that are subjective

Avoid using personal language that workers could interpret as a personal assault. Words like "rude," "nice," and "excited," for example, have several meanings. Instead, explain what was impolite, courteous, or enthusiastic and why that behavior was favorable or harmful. For instance, you may write, "When a customer enters into the store, Jean smiles and greets them, even if she can't help them right away. This communication contributes to our high level of client service." However, if the assessment stated that Jean was "kind," that would be subjective. Another employee may claim that you prefer Jean's personality and are thus unfairly rewarding her.


In employee evaluations, avoid using phrases like "always" and "never." Whether positive or destructive, employees seldom do things "always" or "never," whether positive or destructive. When you utilize extremes, you expose yourself to workers who want to fight and show that they did what you said they "never" did. However, the issue is that they don't do it nearly enough. Use terms like "has a pattern of" or "rarely" instead.

performance review phrases customer service

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