HomeGoods Job Application (How to Get a Job Here in 2022)

Looking for a HomeGoods job? Here are some tips to land the perfect one. Before you apply, make sure to review the company's employee benefits. You'll be happy you did! HomeGoods pays top dollar for a sales associate, but there's more to working at the home furnishings retailer than that. Read on to learn about HomeGoods' benefits and how to get hired.

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HomeGoods Job Opportunities

Looking for a home furnishings career? HomeGoods is a national chain of home furnishing stores headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts. Founded in 1992, HomeGoods has grown into hundreds of locations throughout the United States. They offer everything from home furniture and linens to cooking products and art. While many people shop at HomeGoods just to save money, there are a variety of ways to get paid for this work from home career.

To begin your career with HomeGoods, you must complete orientation videos. These videos last approximately four hours and cover everything from safety to HomeGoods values to proper lifting techniques. In addition, you will spend three hours shadowing a previous employee. Orientation is paid, and there are snacks available in the breakroom. Once you've completed all of the training, you're free to begin working for HomeGoods. The company also has a cafeteria where you can relax and enjoy some snacks.

HomeGoods Sales Associate Salary

The average salary for a HomeGoods Sales Associate is $11 per hour. Salaries vary from $3 to $17 per hour and are based on 410 reports by HomeGoods employees. The Salary range is below the national average by $4,161. The highest paid HomeGoods Sales Associate earns $74,635 a year, while the lowest paid is $13,425 a week. HomeGoods pays every week.

The average salary for a HomeGoods sales associate is $103,990 a year. However, this does not include benefits. While HomeGoods employees can work flexible hours, they are not expected to be in the store at all times. The company does not have a specific hair color policy, so employees can wear dark-colored hair. But even if you do not have long hair or dyed it, you can still make a good salary at HomeGoods.

homegoods job application

HomeGoods Manager Salary

A HomeGoods manager can earn an average annual salary of $64,872. This is about 35% higher than the national average and 45% higher than the median salary for a store manager. The salary range is based on 12 data points collected from actual job advertisements and third-party submissions. HomeGoods stores are generally open to applicants aged 18 years or older. A store manager's job description will indicate whether a manager role is open for women or men.

Generally, HomeGoods employees enjoy their part-time jobs and are encouraged to be as positive as possible. The stores are environmentally friendly and promote merit agendas during customer intercourse. Moreover, HomeGoods offers free lunches and vacation bonus cards to all employees. Moreover, workers are eligible for a 10% discount on purchases from the store. The HomeGoods salary does not include overtime. It is an ideal part-time job for those who don't need a full-time salary.

Employee Benefits at HomeGoods

If you want to be a part of the HomeGoods family, consider applying for a job with this popular retail chain. HomeGoods has a variety of entry-level positions, including cashier and sales associate. Job duties usually include customer service, cashiering, and sales functions. You will be expected to wear a uniform displaying at least one letter, number, or symbol. Whether you want to work as a driver, help pick up groceries, or deliver groceries, HomeGoods can provide you with an excellent job opportunity.

HomeGoods employees enjoy competitive pay. The average hourly wage is $11, with potential for up to $16 per hour. The company is owned by TJX Companies, which also own Marshalls, HomeSense, and Sierra. Many employees at HomeGoods enjoy a work-life balance. Paid holidays and sick leave are two benefits that can help you balance your personal life with work. The company offers excellent benefits for its associates, such as paid time off and a health care plan.

How to Get a Job at HomeGoods

If you want to work at HomeGoods, you need to take a few important steps before you can begin your interview. First, you must complete orientation videos, which take four hours to watch. You will learn about safety, HomeGoods values, and how to carry heavy objects safely. Next, you must spend three hours shadowing a previous HomeGoods employee. This time will be compensated, and you can enjoy free snacks in the cafeteria while you train.

To get a job at HomeGoods, you must apply for the right position. Sales associates help customers find what they need, and their main job is to upsell. This role requires an outgoing personality and excellent customer service skills. You must also be comfortable handling money, as customers will be spending a considerable amount of their money during the interview. You can view all available job openings at the TJX careers website.

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