100 Super Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend (Funny & Romantic for 2022)

Here is the best list of names to call your boyfriend. Finding nicknames for your boyfriend that just click can be difficult. You want to find a cute name that describes a part of him and your relationship.

Fortunately, we came up with an extensive list of potential nicknames for the perfect man in your life.

Even if one doesn't stick right away, don't be afraid of trying out a few more until you find the one!

names to call your boyfriend

Romantic and Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Love Muffin

This is a simple and cute name to call your boyfriend that you can use behind closed doors or openly in front of others.

Dulce de Leche

Outside of relationships, Dulce de leche is known as caramelized milk.

But this is one of the nicknames that can show your man how adorable and kind he is.

Snuggle Bug

If your boyfriend loves to cuddle and show his affection through physical touch, then this is certainly one of the cute names to call him.

Potato Cakes

If your boyfriend is hot like potato cakes, then call your boyfriend by that name!

It's also the best nickname to get both of you smiling right away.

Jelly Bean

Boyfriend nicknames can be hard to come by.

But, if your man is charming, this nickname is a fun and catchy way to grab his attention.

Teddy Bear

"Teddy Bear" is one of those cute names that can almost immediately soften up even the toughest of boyfriends.

If you want to make your boyfriend smile, this is a cute nickname for your relationship.


One of the most popular affectionate nicknames for boyfriends is "Honey." Honey is used as a code that your boyfriend is the "bee's knees."

If you are not sure what to call your boyfriend, Honey is a cute way to show him that you care about him.

Honey Bun

Honey Bun is one of the cute names to call your boyfriend.

If you want to add a little something to the nickname "Honey," then "Honey Bun" is the perfect nickname!

Cutie Pie

If you simply have the perfect guy, the nickname "Cutie Pie" is an adorable way to express your affection.

Partner In Crime

Since your boyfriend is your life partner, why not call him your "partner in crime"?

Especially if the two of you are known for getting into a little trouble, this is certainly one of the names to call your boyfriend.

Tater Tot

This silly and cute nickname is sure to grab your boyfriend's attention every time you refer to him by this name.

"Tater Tot" is a great nickname to make you both laugh every time you say it.

Boo Bear

If you are looking for cute nicknames for your boyfriend, "Boo Bear" is undeniably an excellent choice.

If your boyfriend is a gentle soul, "Boo Bear" is the perfect nickname.


This is a nickname that was originally an Old English name.

Still, "Darling" is a cute name when you two are in the later stages of your relationship.

Mister Man

If you want to make your guy feel like the man of the house, this is one of those nicknames that works perfectly!


Guys who are unquestionably gentle and kind deserve a nickname that reflects their personality.

Baby Face

If your man's face is a bit chubby and young, referring to him as "Baby Face" can be a fun and unconventional way to express how cute you find him.


"Stud" is one of the nicknames that can describe your man perfectly, especially if he's everything you've dreamed of!


"Dumpling" is one of the nicknames you can use if you would describe your guy as "tasty."


When looking for nicknames for your boyfriend, you might want something more unique.

"Bebetom," which is Turkish, is the ideal route to go!

Plus, you and your guy will have a secret inside connection.


If your boyfriend is known for being a free-thinker and constantly taking the path less traveled, "Maverick" is an intimate and meaningful nickname for him.


What guy wouldn't mind having a pet name after the strongest Grecian demi-god?

sweet and cute names to call your boyfriend

Sweet Nicknames for Boyfriend


He-Man may be a fictional character to some.

But if your boyfriend is a typical strongman, this is one of those nicknames that just seems perfect.

Hot Pants

This is a sweet and sexy nickname for your man if you simply can't get enough of his good looks!

Sweet Cheeks

Nicknames for your boyfriend can express exactly what you like most about him.

When you call him "Sweet Cheeks," it lets him know how cute you find him.

Sweet Pea

This is another cute nickname if your man is undeniably adorable.


Taken from the popular film "Finding Nemo," this name is a cute and fun way to refer to your favorite human.


Meaning "dear" in Farsi, this is one unique name that not many other couples will have!


If your man likes cuddling, why not give him a nickname to reference it?


This is another unconventional nickname for your man.

Meaning "little love" in Portuguese, this name is an immediate attention-grabber.

Dream Boat

"Dream Boat" is a nickname commonly given to a boyfriend who is highly attractive.

So, if your man fits this description, don't be shy to call him this name!

unique nicknames to call your boyfriend

Mon Ange

One cute nickname to call your boyfriend is "Mon Ange."

Meaning "my angel" in French, this is an adorable nickname to call your favorite person.


If you are looking to keep things simple when it comes to giving your boyfriend a nickname, calling him "Sweet" or "Sweets" is the perfect way to do so.

Sweet is a cute way to tell your boyfriend just how much he means to you.

Honey Bunny

"Honey Bunny" is one of the cute nicknames you can call your boyfriend if it fits your relationship's personality.

Also, the fact that the nickname rhymes only makes it that much more catchy.

Lyubov Moya

In Russian, this name means "my love."

This is one of those nicknames that outsiders may not understand, but you and your boyfriend will.

Funny Pet Names


Translating to "my favorite" from German to English, "Liebling" can be a secret way to express your love.

Sugar Snap Pea

If your boyfriend is a little sassy but sweet, "Sugar Snap Pea" might be the nickname for him!


This is one of those cute nicknames that some guys love for no explainable reason.


When you feel like you can't control yourself around your boyfriend, you might feel like you're in trouble every time he comes around.

So, give him a nickname to match your emotions!

Sweetie Pie

This is a cute name most couples reserve for relationships that are more developed.

But if your man fits the description, don't hesitate to call him "Sweetie Pie."

The First Letter of Their Name

Say your boyfriend's name is "Christian," a simple and cute name to call him could be "C."

It's certainly one of those nicknames that rolls off the tongue faster than others!


If your boyfriend is your favorite man, why not let him know every day by referring to him as "Favorite"?

Other Half

This is a cute name that may have an obvious meaning, but that doesn't take away from how special it is to guys.

Soul Mate

This one is pretty obvious. Still, if your boyfriend is your person in life, make sure you let him know with a nickname like this one.

Mi Rey

This is one of those pet names that some people won't understand the deeper meaning behind.

Translating to "my king" in English, your guy is sure to agree to this cute name.

Mi Vida

Meaning "my life" in Spanish, this is one of those nicknames that some outsiders won't understand, making it more special for you and your guy.

Mi Amor

Another Spanish nickname, "Mi Amor," means "my love" in Spanish and might be the perfect fit for your relationship.

Ke Aloha

Ke Aloha is a Hawaiian word meaning "The Love."

This is certainly one of the more unique nicknames for your boyfriend.

Eye Candy

This pet name is a little more sexy than others, but it is an effective way to tell your guy how you feel about his appearance!

Better Half

Nicknames for your boyfriend are easy when you truly believe he's your better half.

Calling a guy your "Better Half" is a simple way to express how much this relationship means to you.


This is one of those nicknames that is pretty self-explanatory.

Still, calling your guy "Lover" is the ideal way to tell him exactly how you feel while also making him smile.

romantic nicknames to call your boyfriend

Sugar Pie

When it comes to nicknames for your boyfriend, this is one to describe just how affectionate and sweet your man is.

If you have been browsing through nicknames, try this one out for a change!

Sugar Puff

"Sugar Puff" is another cute name you can call your boyfriend, especially if he is an affectionate man.

In addition to being adoring, this nickname is more unique than some others, so it is sure to grab his attention.

Cookie Monster

"Cookie Monster" is one of the cute names to call your boyfriend if he's particularly sweet to you.

When it comes to cute pet names, this is certainly one to consider!

Pooh Bear

This is a silly nickname for your boyfriend that he might like.

Often, people use the nickname "Pooh Bear" when their boyfriend is big and burly like a bear.

This nickname can soften up a tough guy almost immediately!

Hot Stuff

Tell your boyfriend how you really feel about his looks with the nickname "Hot Stuff."

On top of being a compliment, it is sure to make him smile every time you say it.

Flirty Nicknames for Your Boyfriend


When it comes to pet names for boyfriends, "Baby" is one of the most popular choices out there.

When you call your boyfriend "Baby," it is a sweet and cute pet name that is sure to make him smile every time he hears it.

Also, although "Baby" is an unquestionably popular nickname, that doesn't mean it won't feel special for your relationship.

Stud Muffin

When it comes to sweet nicknames to call your boyfriend, "Stud Muffin" is a rather popular option.

This fun nickname was coined by the American comedian Lily Tomlin.


If your man never turns off the charm, try out the name "Casanova" and see if it sticks!


If you love Grey's Anatomy, what better way to express how handsome your man is than by giving him a cute name after Dr. Shepherd?


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