Best "Going Back to School" Resignation Letter Example (+ Free Template Download) [2022]

Writing a resignation letter to return to school or to complete higher education is a noble effort and one that any employer will appreciate. Choosing to educate ourselves is an honorary effort that all employers will respond to positively.

Writing and providing a resignation letter for going back to school isn’t dissimilar to providing a resignation letter when deciding to resign from any employment type. Sometimes referred to as a “school resignation letter,” this letter should contain the desire to return to school to receive a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in a related field.

Before writing a resignation letter, it’s important to meet with the supervisor, manager, or “boss” for the position. Speaking with the manager should act as the formal notice (or formal notification) of the desire to resign. The employee and supervisor should determine the notice period together. This is the amount of time the employee will provide to the company to transfer all job duties and responsibilities to another colleague or new hire. The supervisor may ask to schedule the exit interview during this meeting. An exit interview provides the employer with valuable information about improving the job and the company overall.

Writing a “Back to School” Resignation Letter

Because the letter itself contains a reason for resigning, the employee shouldn’t feel compelled to have to explain any more details for the resignation. It can be helpful to mention that the reason for returning to public education is to advance a career by completing graduate school.

Returning to school is common. For example, for a teacher, returning to school to receive a graduate degree or doctoral degree is fairly common. And when resigning, a school board is going to be familiar with this type of matter.

In the event a teacher is resigning, it’s important to submit longer than a two-week notice (also known as a “2 weeks notice”) to the public school system. This is so that the resignation doesn’t impact the education of the students. When speaking with a principal or other faculty member regarding the resignation, the transition plan or transition period should be discussed during the resignation notice. Some teachers may need to complete the school year before being able to resign from their teaching position fully.

A resignation letter should be provided to both faculty and parents, informing them of the desire to return to school as a student and advance themselves.

Resignation Letter Going Back to School Example

Below is a sample letter of resignation when resigning to return to school.

John Smith
[email protected]
123 Road, St., New York NY 11121

June 1st, 2019

Company Inc.
Sarah Doe
[email protected]
Senior Management
123 Business Road, New York NY 11121

Dear John —

This was a difficult decision, and one that took me some time to review. As discussed, I’d like to return to school to advance myself and complete my doctorate program in Science and Arts. Completing this program is more than a personal reason and goal to achieve a higher salary; it is about providing the optimal education I can to our students.

I’ve decided that I should resign from my current job as a science teacher here at Glemson Elementary School. This is a two-year program and commitment, and I understand that a job may not be available here for me when I return.

This was an incredible opportunity that I’m extremely grateful for. And one that will always have a strong place and impact on my resume. This resignation letter has been sent to the human resource team and the rest of the faculty.

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Back to School Resignation Letter Template

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