A job description is a professional brief that states the duties, requirements and desired skills of candidates who are applying to job openings that are posted online. Job descriptions provide applicants a way to understand whether or not they are a fit for the position and provide them the opportunity not to apply to positions they don't feel comfortable with.

These Are Job Description Samples?

Job description templates allow for employers to get a general idea for what an ideal job description looks like for specific jobs. The templates listed below are samples which can be used to generate a job description template. These templates can be used for internal purposes within a business or be used to post online when searching for applicants.

Do They Contain Work Duties?

All job descriptions contain work duties, required education, required skills, average salary (in case you'd like to include that as part of your job listing) and more.

Should I Use Them Verbatim?

No. All job description samples are just that, samples. While some job descriptions contain licensure information or certification information, you should check with your local or state requirements before listing your job online.

Why Is Salary Important?

Listing the compensation expectations on a job posting may help to target the right types of professionals you're looking for. And can help you save time by not interviewing candidates who might be too senior. Ideally, you want to find the candidate that has the skill level you require and is comfortable in the compensation range you are expecting. Having average salary range as part of our job description samples should help your planning process.

Job Description Samples By Title