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Free project manager job description. A project manager is a professional often found within construction services, creative services, and other service-based businesses. A project manager oversees the direction, coordination, efficiency, road mapping, and management needs of a project.

Depending on the industry, a project manager may have the title of a construction project manager, senior project manager, program manager, or project coordinator. A project manager is sometimes referred to as a "PM," for short. A "PM" is simply an abbreviated version of the job title project manager.

project manager job description sample and template

Project Manager Job Description Sample and Template

Project manager job description sample. Use the following job description to write a job posting or job advertisement.

Job Brief

Our company is seeking an experienced project manager to oversee the team of professionals (the project team) and ensure their path is clearly defined. From determining a project plan to tracking project progress. We seek to hire a stakeholder who can carry a project from start to finish and inform upper management of the deliverables and output. The ideal project manager has keen leadership skills, analytical skills, organizational skills, and more. Must be able to work with multiple projects, track project status, and overall project budget.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Below are sample duties and responsibilities for a project manager.

  • Determine project scope and change deadlines according to project planning.
  • Determine project deliverables and communicate with upper management and clients.
  • Take on a specific project and lead a team to success.
  • Lead a project from start to finish, practicing leadership skills along the way.
  • Adjust project deliverables according to tight deadlines.
  • Oversee late deliverables and adjust accordingly.
  • Communicate with senior management, upper management, and clients in a regular cadence.
  • Understand what the project goal is and determine road maps to achieve the desired business outcomes.
  • Organize each task and assign the team to do the work. Speak with internal teams and the client to coordinate work.
  • Educate your team using your previous experience and motivate them each week to do great work.
  • Ensure project success at all times. Make sure projects are completed within budget.
  • Practice being a "good project manager" by listening to the team and adjusting the timeline, road map, and other deliverables accordingly.
  • Handle issue management and procurement management.
  • Handle the budget and resources of an entire project. Execute projects within budget.
  • Ensure projects are completed on time. Use problem-solving skills, project management software, and communication to complete project tasks. Use project management software to track project plans and project performance.
  • Ensure the monitoring of the final product even after its inception and launch.


Below is a sample of job requirements. Qualified candidates should have:

  • Bachelor's degree in Project Management or a related field.
  • Previous experience in a project manager role or project manager position preferred. Experience in project management required.
  • Relevant knowledge of program and portfolio management.
  • Knowledge of project management systems.
  • Knowledge of project management road maps.
  • Previous experience in the construction industry.
  • PMP certification.
  • SCRUM certification. SCRUM certification, CS2 certification, or CPM certification.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Attention to detail. Ability to manage a team.

Construction Project Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee's construction projects from start to finish.
  • Managed budget and estimates labor costs.
  • Determined necessary equipment, materials, labor, manpower, and more.
  • Keeps track of inventory, tools, equipment, and machinery licenses.
  • Plans construction operations.

Software and Technical Project Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure that projects are being completed on time with the graphic design and software engineering team.
  • Run SCRUM sessions and create KanBan tickets.
  • Run JIRA, Trello, or other project management tools.
  • Assist with feature development, stakeholder interviewing, and determine appropriate prioritization of upcoming work.

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Download the free project manager job description PDF template. And use the sample project manager job description provided to make an efficient job posting for your company. For more information please visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Project Manager Job Description Template

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