How Long Do Seasonal Jobs Last? (Guide)

How long do seasonal jobs last? Suppose you're looking for a way to supplement your income during the summer or winter vacations. In that case, a seasonal job is an excellent option. Numerous firms hire additional personnel throughout the busier months of the year as their businesses grow. If you're looking for seasonal employment, it can take some time and research to find the appropriate fit for your talents and interests.

how long do seasonal jobs last

What does a seasonal job entail?

Seasonal occupations are only required during specific times of the year. These are temporary and part-time positions. They may be seasonal due to geography or the time of year. For instance, several areas of the country are popular during the summer but virtually deserted during the winter. Christmas is typically the busiest season in retail, with stores hiring additional staff to provide the best possible service to customers.

What does it mean when a job is seasonal?

Seasonal employment is temporary work designed to satisfy an organization's seasonal demands. This could include businesses that operate for only a portion of the year, such as ski resorts. Usually, this is during the holiday season when retail positions and hospitality positions are experiencing significant pressure.

how long do seasonal jobs last

Is a seasonal job worth it?

If you're fresh out of college or have difficulty filling out your resume/CV, adding a seasonal job is an excellent way to demonstrate different work experiences. Alternatively, if you're considering a career change but lack expertise in the new industry, adding seasonal work can help bridge the gap.

A seasonal employee can gain experience, a network, and exposure to skills that are helpful for the future. Seasonal employees tend to work fewer hours than full-time employees. How many hours a seasonal worker receives is dependent on the employer and the job title.

how long do seasonal jobs last

What is the duration of a seasonal job?

Seasonal work typically lasts three months, but this can vary based on the season you get recruited. For instance, if you're hired to assist at a lake resort during the peak summer months, your position should last around three or four months. Suppose you get employed over the Christmas season. In that case, you may be hired in October or November and discover that the post will be vacant until early January.

The advantages of seasonal employment

Finding a seasonal job has a variety of advantages. They include the following:

Constructing your resume

Seasonal jobs can assist you in building up your CV if you have limited work experience or gaps in your employment history.

Relationship building

Suppose you want to work for a company permanently. In that case, a seasonal position is an excellent opportunity to develop ties with management. Additionally, it can assist you in networking with individuals in the sector who may assist you in securing future opportunities whenever you are ready for full-time work.

Employment opportunities on a permanent basis

You may find that if you impress your bosses during your seasonal work, they will want you to stay on in a permanent capacity afterward.

Typical seasonal jobs

The following are some of the most prevalent seasonal employment available during the winter and summer.


National average hourly wage: $10.55.

Cashiers perform primary functions at retail establishments, movie theaters, restaurants, and supermarkets. Their role is to assist consumers during the checkout process. They operate the cash register, accepting customers' money and issuing appropriate changes and receipts. Additionally, they are responsible for counting the register's contents after their shifts and maintaining receipts and records.


National average hourly wage: $12.10.

A stocker's primary responsibilities include stocking merchandise in a retail environment. They distribute products throughout the store and keep an eye on stock levels to ensure nothing runs short. Additionally, they are accountable for fundamental customer service functions.

Camp counselor

Average hourly wage in the United States: $12.62.

A camp counselor's primary responsibility is to supervise residential summer camp or day camp activities. They are typically also responsible for the campers' general safety and growth and their skill attainment.

Ski instructor

National average hourly wage: $12.86

Primary responsibilities: Ski instructors are responsible for teaching pupils the proper technique for their ability level. Ski instructors coach both beginners and advanced skiers and encourage safety and teach proper techniques in an enjoyable instructional format.

Customer service agent

National average hourly wage: $13.10.

A customer service representative's primary responsibilities include communicating with customers on behalf of an enterprise. They offer assistance by replying to inquiries, offering helpful product or service information, and resolving concerns. They may also be in charge of returns processing.


National average hourly wage: $14.20.

A concierge works in hotels and resorts and assists clients by scheduling spa services, providing local entertainment options, booking transportation, making restaurant reservations, and managing porter service.


Average hourly wage in the United States: $14.37.

Primary responsibilities: Seasonal drivers are typically required to keep up with the significant increase in package mail around the holidays. Drivers are tasked with packaging and loading products into trucks, delivering orders to customers, and communicating with the route dispatcher.

How long is a seasonal job at Target?

Seasonal workers are employed from around October until January, when they get laid off. For around four months. After many months, there was a chance that you may reapply to become a more permanent store associate.

How long is a seasonal job at UPS?

In addition to their hourly compensation, qualifying seasonal employees can earn up to $1,300 toward college fees through the company's Earn and Learn program after three months of continuous employment.

How long is a seasonal job at Best Buy?

Employees are welcome to have a seasonal contract with Best Buy, usually through the holiday season. This includes Black Friday through the first of the new year. A seasonal job typically lasts two to three months at Best Buy.

How to go from a seasonal job to a permanent position

While seasonal positions are typically temporary, there are ways to boost your chances of being retained as a permanent member of the staff.

Maintain a prompt and dependable demeanor. Consistently arriving on time can help you stand out above other seasonal employees.

Be adaptable in your timetable. Establish a reputation as someone who is willing to assist. Inform them that you are eager to cover for other staff or trade shifts with them. When managers notice your regular availability for assistance, you may find yourself being the first person they contact in the future.

Take your responsibilities seriously. Do what is required of you when asked of you and with a cheerful attitude. Your boss will appreciate your ability to complete tasks on schedule and with minimum supervision.

Make your best effort. Always provide your utmost effort to your work, going above and above wherever possible. If you work consistently hard, your efforts will get noticed.

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