How to Ask to Leave Work Early (5 Examples for 2023)

Here's how to ask to leave work early. If you have a personal commitment that conflicts with your job schedule, you should ask your boss if you may leave work early. To submit an early leave request, you must first examine your reasons and prepare your questions. You can communicate successfully and obtain a clear response if you know how to ask your manager.

How to ask to leave work early

Why would you inquire about leaving early with your boss?

It's critical to seek a shortening of your work shift for the following reasons:

Allows your manager to plan for your absence: If you leave work early, your boss may ask another employee to finish your chores, allowing the workplace to remain productive. If you're a waitress at a busy restaurant, your boss may assign one of your coworkers to cover your part so that clients get served as quickly as possible.

Maintains a healthy working connection with your boss: Transparency about your requirements might help you and your boss communicate more effectively. You may demonstrate that you've thought about the impact of your absence on your job and that you've given your boss plenty of notice.

Allows you to reschedule your schedule: You can leave work early with your manager's permission and avoid disciplinary action. You can also opt to finish extra work ahead of time to don't fall behind on your commitments while you're gone.

How to ask to leave work early

How to approach your boss about quitting early

Consider the following procedures for seeking a half-worth days of work:

Decide on a format.

Your workplace environment may influence how you ask your manager to leave work early. For example, if you're a remote worker, organizing a virtual meeting or sending an email may be the most efficient method. If you work in an office, it's probably preferable to speak with your boss.

It would help if you also thought about your company's policy on asking for time off. Some workplaces may ask you to enter your PTO into a corporate database, which your manager will evaluate. Consider having a second chat with your management to ensure their agreement if you utilize a database.

How to ask to leave work early

Provide ample notice.

If you give your boss ample notice of your forthcoming leave, they may be able to grant your request. Ask your boss a week ahead of time if you need to depart early. It's also crucial to know when your boss is available. If you know your boss will be out of the office for a week, you may submit your request and receive a response while they are accessible. If you need to leave early for a pressing cause, please notify your boss as soon as possible.

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Consider why you're doing it.

Because your boss may demand you to explain why you need to leave work early, you must prepare your response before asking. Remember to explain why your reasons are necessary. Here are several reasons why you might need to leave work early, as well as how to elaborate if necessary:

Attending a doctor's appointment: Because many doctors' offices are closed on weekends, you'll have to see them during the week, when you're generally at work.

If you become ill during your shift, you should: Your unexpected illness impacts your productivity, and you want to get out of the workplace as soon as possible, so you don't infect your coworkers.

Getting your kids out of school: You can inform your boss that your kids have a half-day at school and need to pick them up a little earlier than usual.

Taking your pet to the vet's office: Perhaps your pet is suffering from an ailment that necessitates a trip to the veterinarian right now. Explain your condition to your boss to understand the gravity of the situation.

Meeting with a repair expert in your home: If an appliance breaks down, you may be required to meet with a maintenance worker during their shift, which may or may not coincide with yours.

Make use of particular terms.

Your manager will be able to grasp your request if you communicate clearly. When requesting to leave work early, submit the following information:

The deadline for you to quit employment is: Consider offering precise information so that your management can prepare ahead. Include the date and hour of your early departure.

Your shift will conclude at the following time: Make a note of when you need to leave throughout your shift. Perhaps you'll depart before lunch or two hours before the conclusion of your shift.

Your absence will affect your work: Recognize the work you've done so far and consider how you might be productive before or after you leave early.

Send your request in.

You can ask your boss to leave work early once you've decided on a cause and a time. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while starting a conversation:

Select the appropriate time: Choose a moment when you can ask your boss a specific question and obtain a clear response. Allow ample time to explain your rationale and respond to any queries your boss may have. Approaching your boss during a calm period, for example, can be more beneficial than coming to him just before an important meeting.

Make your request in the form of a question: Requesting time off in a request format is a good idea.

Remind your boss of the following: Send a follow-up email in the days or hours coming up to your shift change to remind them of your chat. This message might assist them in making plans and making adjustments as needed.

How to ask your boss to let you leave work early

You can use the following suggestions to improve your request for time off:

Be nice and respectful.

When you submit your request, you should be polite, and when your boss accepts it, you should be pleasant. If you're requesting an early departure by email or in person, strive to be upbeat, professional, and kind.

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Make a volunteer effort to make up for lost time at work.

Another strategy to bolster your request for time off is to describe how you'll make up for the missed time. Consider the following scenario: you're producing articles for a magazine with a tight deadline approaching, but your family duties interfere with your work routine. Offering to arrive early or stay late to finish the magazine will demonstrate to your boss that you are dedicated to your work.

Request time off on a regular basis.

If you demonstrate your commitment to your job, your boss may be more ready to accommodate your request. It may be beneficial to ask for time off only when essential.

Examples of how to ask your boss to leave work early

Here are some ideas of how you can ask your boss to let you leave work early:

Example 1

"Mr. Ryan, good evening. I have an hour to travel to get to the airport on time. This weekend I'll be at the North Annual National Conference, and my flight leaves at 6 p.m. Is it all right with you if I leave work at 2:00 p.m. to avoid traffic? I travel back to the United States on Sunday night, so I'll make up for the work I missed on Monday."

Example 2

"Mrs. Smith, hello. I recently got a call from my daughter's teacher, who informed me that she is ill. Parents are required to take up ill children from school. I'd have to stay at home with her, but the rest of the day could be spent working from home. Is it good if I leave work after lunch today to bring her up?"

Example 3

"Mr. Parks, hello. A local news reporter contacted me and requested an exclusive interview about our new product. This, I feel, would be a great approach to communicate with our consumers directly and gather feedback on our product. Tomorrow at 3 p.m., the reporter asks me to go to the television state. Is it possible for me to leave work early to attend the interview? I'll be able to get to work early tomorrow to guarantee that I do everything on time."

Templates to use to request to leave work early

Templates to use to ask your boss to leave work early.

Having a medical appointment

"Hey [Name], I forgot that I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. Is it okay if I leave slightly early today? It shouldn't impact my work. And I will make up for it when I return."

Immediate medical attention

"Hey [Boss Name], my kid needs immediate medical attention. Something may have happened at school, and I need to get home early. Is it possible for me to head out right now? Thank you so much."

Sudden illness

"Hey [Name], my kid came down with something. I wanted to talk to you about leaving work early today to address that. Is it possible that I leave an hour early today?"

Family obligations

"Hi [Boss Name], a family member needs my help this afternoon. I forgot that they needed me to help them get to the doctor's. Is it possible that leave early today? I will report early tomorrow morning and stay late to make up for the time lost today."

Mental health issues

"Hey [Boss Name], I'm not feeling the best today. It's part of our company culture to embrace burnout when it happens. I want to leave early today if that's okay. I wanted to get your approval. I'm looking to head out right after the lunch hour. Is that alright?"

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