Goodwill CEO Salary (2023 Figures)

What is the Goodwill CEO's salary? Goodwill industries recently filed a Form 990 and revealed that CEO James Gibbons earned $598,300 in 2017. This figure includes $118,927 in additional compensation. Regardless of how you slice it, Gibbons' compensation is high.

Goodwill ceo salary

Goodwill Mission Statement

Goodwill® works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.

Goodwill Vision Statement

Every person has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.

Goodwill Values

  • Respect

  • Stewardship

  • Ethics

  • Learning

  • Innovation

Who is Goodwill's CEO?

The current CEO of Goodwill makes over $1 million annually.

It is unclear whether Goodwill's compensation is reflective of the charity's efforts to help the less fortunate and disadvantaged. In addition, some critics question Goodwill's decision to sell donated items to a neo-imperialist buyer in a third-world country.

The CEO of Goodwill Industries is Steven Preston, with Richard Cantz, the President and CEO of Goodwill Northern New England.

Mark Curran never worked at Goodwill or owned a single Goodwill store. Moreover, his salary is still significantly lower than that of the average CEO in the USA. Reaching more than $800,000 per year.

The nonprofit has a history of being a top-paying employer in Oregon. According to its annual report, Goodwill paid its CEO $882,288 in 2014, making him the highest-paid CEO in Oregon.

His compensation package included $409,028 in salary, $233,730 in bonuses, and $179,686 in retirement pay. In 2011, Miller was the second-highest-paid nonprofit CEO in Oregon.

Goodwill ceo salary

How much does Goodwill donate to charity?

A nonprofit store returns nearly all of its earnings to its charitable mission, while also paying its operating costs. For example, St. Vincent De Paul and Goodwill both donate nearly 90% of their net income to charity, according to tax returns.

What is the typical donation size?

Both Salvation Army and Goodwill have been in business since the early 1800s. Both have locations around the world. Each store sells items at a reduced price. Goodwill also has a network of workers who run thrift stores and collect donations from individuals.

They each receive between fifty and seventy percent of their sales from individual customers. However, The Salvation Army has been in business for over 120 years.

The organization has over 3,200 retail locations. Most Goodwill stores operate by sorting donated clothing, eliminating mildew-laden items and separating clean items from those that are no longer usable.

What is the salary of the Goodwill chief executive officer?

The CEO of Goodwill Industries is Steven Preston. He also serves as president and CEO of Goodwill Industries Northern New England. There are many goodwill CEO salary rumors floating around the internet, but it is not true.

According to the Goodwill website, no CEO has ever made a million dollars. Goodwill's CEO is the head of Goodwill Industries International, which reports to a volunteer board. Hence, it is impossible to calculate the salary of the Goodwill CEO.

Founded by Edgar J. Helms, Goodwill earns over $2.3 million a year from its operations. According to its Form990, the nonprofit organization spent 88% of its cash budget on charitable programs. The average percentage this year is 86%.

In 2017, the Goodwill CEO received a salary of $598,300. Gibbons also received $118,927 in other compensation, bringing the total compensation to $718,227.

Highest paid charity CEOs

The top executives at some charities earn over $1 million a year. However, charity CEO compensation differs greatly by sector and organization size.

Large nonprofit hospital systems and universities typically pay more for their CEOs than do smaller and medium-sized charities. Unlike for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations are not allowed to pay CEOs more than $1 million a year. This is because large public charities are too expensive to manage.

While nonprofits are still a great way to help the community, some of the highest paid CEOs may not be able to deliver the same level of service to those in need.

The head of the American and Worldwide divisions of the Milken Family Foundation made over $1 million in 2007.

He was only one of the three chief executives on the list who did not receive a raise in 2008. Yet, his compensation was still more than six times that of similar figures in the arts.

While his salary jumped from $195,000 in 2007 to $970,768 in 2008, it did not rise above Michael Kaiser's $2 million compensation in 2008.

Does the Goodwill CEO make a million dollars?

The organization is a nonprofit, and all the executive positions report to a volunteer Board of Directors. While the CEO salary may be higher than the CEO salary of a for-profit company, it is still significantly lower than that of a nonprofit. In fact, the CEO salary for Goodwill is far lower than the CEO salary of a for-profit company.

Despite this disparity in compensation, the Goodwill CEO salary is still a relatively high figure. In Southern Oregon, for example, the CEO earns close to $18 million a year, while managing hundreds of employees.

The CEO salary for Goodwill is set by the organization's Board of Directors, and it is evaluated regularly based on the organization's revenue, services provided to communities, and the overall impact it has on the local economy.

In 2017, the Goodwill CEO made $422,578, according to the company's Form 990. According to Nonprofit Quarterly, Goodwill spent 88% of its cash budget on programs, and a total of $31 million was donated to charity.

Common FAQ's

Questions from non-profit job seekers.

How much does Goodwill pay their employees?

Typically, they are paid minimum wage.

Who is the highest paid charity CEO?

The highest paid nonprofit CEO is James Skogsbergh of Advocate Aurora Health.

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