3 Telling Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You (2022)

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What are signs your boss is threatened by you? Managers and supervisors don’t tend to feel threatened by those they manage. But there are rare circumstances where you may be performing better than your manager. This happens when you are performing better than your manager to their superior.

When this occurs, your manager might feel threatened that you could replace them. We’re going to go through a few scenarios of how this might have been started in the workplace. And which telling signs you can look for which indicate that your manager is feeling the threat of your leadership.

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How Managers Feel Threatened

One prime example of how a manager might feel threatened by you is during a presentation. Let’s say that you and your manager were giving a presentation to his or her superior. Let’s say this person is the Vice President. And you happened to correct your manager or do a better job at presenting the information than your manager.

The Vice President noticed that and paid more attention to you than your manager. In this instance, your manager might feel threatened by you since your manager was looking for gratitude during the presentation.

This is one scenario where your manager might feel a threat and could start making political actions towards you.

How To Know They’re Feeling Threatened

Before jumping into the signs that tell this is the case, the first thing you’ll experience is a shift in their mood or their body language towards you. Either your manager will feel proud that the Vice President was able to see the great work he or she and the rest of the team was able to accomplish. Or your manager will feel as though you were the only one we received proper praise.

If that’s the case, their body language will change instantly, in that setting. Afterward, your manager will most likely be short with you or ignore you altogether. This is a common behavior amongst those who are absorbing changes. Or to be more specific, not being adaptable.

3 Telling Signs a Boss is Feeling Threatened

Here are three key traits of a manager or supervisor who is feeling threatened by your performance in the workplace:

  • They begin to be short with you. A manager will start testing your abilities. The best way they can do that is by limiting the amount of information they give to you. For the manager, this is gratifying because it makes them feel like they have the ability to control how much they “help” you in the workplace. You can attribute this to body language changes and mood changes, as well.
  • They don’t praise you as often. If they were previously praising you in front of other colleagues but have limited how much they do that, even when you do a great job, this is a sign they are threatened. For the manager, this is a great way for them to feel like they have control over your ability to perform. Or for your ability to have your great performance to be recognized.
  • They avoid eye contact and communication with you during team meetings where their supervisor is present. This is one of the most telling signs. If their manager is present and you have any form of communication in that meeting, your manager will start avoiding your input. They will make infrequent eye contact with you. Start making more eye contact with their manager. And avoid anything that you might bring up in the conversation. This is one of the most telling signs.

Other Signs From Your Boss

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